Video Analysis & Biofeedback (Real Time Ultrasound Imaging & EMG), Bondi Junction

At Active Care Physio, we use a combination of the following techniques to assist in your diagnosis and recovery:

  • Video Analysis
  • Realtime Ultrasound

  • Dynamometry
  • Electromyograph (EMG)

Video Analysis

  • We utilise video to analyse movement patterns such as walking, running & activities specific to different sports.
  • We can also observe your sitting posture and how this relates to your pain
  • Visual feedback of posture and body position allows us to observe joint angles. These measurements can be used to compare changes at a later assessment
  • We will demonstrate the findings and then tailor your rehabilitation as needed.


  • Biofeedback with the use of visual aids can provide a vivid picture of our bodies function and performance. This can identify a deficit in function and guide appropriate training of muscles and movement
  • Realtime Ultrasound provides a view of your muscles while they are working and can assist in guiding better muscle contraction
  • Electromyograph (EMG) biofeedback uses sticky surface electrodes to measure muscle activity much like an ECG reading of the heart.
  • The EMG will help demonstrate muscle activity & timing
  • The EMG assists us in establishing how to improve your muscle control or to identify muscle imbalance & weakness

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