Steve Laybutt

Steven strives to provide you with the best possible treatment. With 10 years experience in private practice, Steven has had exposure to a wide range of conditions. He has treated everyone from the elite athlete/performer to the injured worker or osteoarthritis sufferer.

With an emphasis on hands-on treatment and use of latest evidence-based practice, he can tailor a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals but also fit in with your individual circumstances and busy lifestyle.

Steven has a keen interest in exercise and runs physio-guided Pilates/core strength and outdoor exercise programs at Active Care. Steven recognises the importance of your chosen sport, exercise or leisure activity in overall physical and mental health. Having exposure to a wide range of sport and exercise both personally and as a physiotherapist, he understands what is required for you to resume and maintain an active lifestyle.

As a keen sportsman in his younger years, Steven became interested in his career through numerous visits to the physiotherapist. He continues to have a specific interest in conditions affecting the younger athlete.

Steve Laybutt, physiotherapist Bondi Junction