Treatment of Neck Pain & Headaches, Bondi Junction

The neck or cervical spine is one of the most common areas of the body to suffer from injury. Prolonged poor posture such as sitting at a computer, motor vehicle accidents or sporting pursuits such as weight lifting are often considered causes of spinal pain. Recent research points to stress, sleep and changes in physical activity as strong drivers of spinal pain.

Pain or altered feeling in the arm or hand may accompany the neck condition, for example  a sense of pins and needles or numbness.

Often times we are fearful of injury to bulging discs, pinched nerves and other conditions such as arthritis seen on imaging (MRI, Xray, CT scan etc).

Research shows that these types of damage seen on imaging (MRI, xray etc) often do not match the level of pain and long tern function our neck.

At Active Care Physio we take a modern approach to neck pain, headaches and pinched nerves.

We understand current research which demonstrates that even with structural changes seen on images we are not destined to be in pain.

With careful guidance, we have the potential to recover remarkably well from the majority of neck pain, aiming to avoid the need for cervical spine surgery and thus reserving surgery for the select group who will respond well to this intervention.

We help you to understand how neck pain processes are attempting to protect us.

We also encourage strength training in our clinical treatments session and for home use to improve function and restore quality of life.

Physiotherapy guided exercise is available onsite in our Bondi Junction clinic to promote preventative strategies to assist you in establishing a base of strength allowing you to return to your active lifestyle with confidence. This can be conducted individually or in a group exercise.

Many structures can be responsible for pain and the disruption in function:

  • Joints
  • Ligaments
  • Muscle spasm and/or weakness
  • Discs

We can enhance your recovery with:

  • Careful analysis & explanation of your injury
  • Pain relief with hands-on treatment and self-management techniques.
  • Exercise prescription incorporating biofeedback for improved understanding of effective movement patterns and accurate exercise performance.
  • Teaching you how to manage your injury and prevent a recurrence.

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