How we work

Listen & Assess:

When attending Physiotherapy treatment for your condition at Active Care Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy our highly skilled team use a systematic and professional process

A careful and detailed record of your condition and its history is established in consultation with you, building a clear picture of you and your health as your story often helps us to accurately pinpoint the problem. We listen to you and we value a patient centred approach

In our assessment we screen for many possibilities and combine your information from our targeted discussion with data from previous tests such as imaging (MRI, X-rays, scans)

A detailed group of clinical tests is then performed to confirm ideas and refine our understanding of your condition

A diagnosis is then pin-pointed or some further testing may be arranged such as imaging to better understand your condition.

We utilise digital anatomical tools to explain your condition and our strategies for resolving your problem. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions or raise concerns

A treatment pathway is then established by asking you of your short and long term goals

Treatment is commenced and may involve:

  • discussion of the driving forces behind your pain to better understand and address your problem
  • using hands on techniques by experienced clinicians
  • prescription of the modern exercise programs using scientific principles, evolving the exercise as you improve and adapt
  • measuring and monitoring your progress using state of the art feedback tools, force measures & clinical outcome measures used in research
  • planning your treatment strategies & estimated timeframes for recovery
  • motivating you along your road to recovery