Treatment of Hip Pain, Bondi Junction

Hip pain can occur in young healthy active people from 18-50+ years of age causing limitations in everyday activity and sport. These negative effects persist in later years impacting on mobility, quality of life and health.

Hip pain can be the result of:

  • Early hip arthritis
  • Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) or Hip Impingement
  • Gluteal Tendinopathy or Groin Pain

Many people go on to have early surgery involving hip arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) or hip joint replacement

At Active Care Physiotherapy we aim to avoid surgical intervention where possible. New research suggests physiotherapy treatments can reduce many forms of hip pain and groin pain to improve your function. Our goal is to return you to an active quality of life using non-operative treatments involving exercise, education and manual therapy. Where surgery is necessary we have the skills and experience assist you back to optimal function and quality of life

We can enhance your recovery by:

  • Carefully analysing & explaining your hip injury to you
  • Providing you with hands-on treatment to improve your hip mobility & reduce pain
  • Measuring hip muscle strength
  • Strengthening hip muscles to optimise function and reduce pain
  • Prescribing a home and/or group hip exercise program to address pain, stiffness and weakness (see hip management programs)
  • Restoring your hip function helping you to return to your active lifestyle

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