Treatment of Hand & Wrist Injuries, Bondi Junction

The wrist & hand form a precision instrument allowing performance of highly skilled tasks with great power or pinpoint accuracy. Injury to the hand or wrist can deprive us from achieving the most simple of tasks. At Active Care Physiotherapy Bondi Junction, we have specially trained physios who have studied the hand and upper limb in detail at post graduate level. We are equipped with the skills to assess diagnose and treat your hand, wrist or finger injury including wrist splinting, hand splinting, finger splinting and thumb splinting.

Wrist & hand injuries include:

  • Ligament sprains (scapholunate ligament, ulnar collateral ligament,TFCC)
  • Bone Fractures or dislocations and instabilty ( wrist fracture, radius fracture, metacarpal, scaphoid, proximal phalanx, distal phalanx, ulnocarpal instability)
  • Tendon inflammation or tearing (De Quervain’s Syndrome, boutonierre’s contracture, mallet finger)
  • Nerve entrapment (carpal tunnel)
  • Over use or repetitive strain injuries

We can help with any of these problems by:

  • Carefully analysing & explaining what has happened to your wrist or hand.
  • Provide you with immediate treatment and pain relief to your wrist or hand.
  • Splinting the region to optimise recovery.
  • Helping you to gain full recovery of your wrist/hand and prevent further injury.

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