Dance Physiotherapy

Dancers of all ages and levels may at some stage need specific physiotherapy assessment, treatment and injury management from a specialist dance physiotherapist. Whether your teacher has requested a pre-pointe assessment or you are wanting to improve your strength or flexibility Nicole Baer can help you.

Some common dance related injuries include:

  • hip impingement
  • snapping hip
  • clicky hip
  • ankle impingement
  • rolled ankle

The treatment plan may include:

  • Activity modification to allow you to continue dancing safely
  • An exercise program to address the weaknesses, tightness that you may have
  • A return to dance plan
  • Referral for images such as an MRI or X-ray

It is important to see a specialised dance physiotherapy to diagnose the injury and help to develop a clear and concise treatment plan.

Nicole Baer completed her Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and has worked with The Australian Ballet during their Sydney seasons for many years. Nicole treats dancers of all ages and disciplines. She treats professional dancers, full time dancers, recreational and adult dancers.

Nicole uses her expertise as a titled Sports Physiotherapist together with her special interest in dance and dance medicine to help you achieve your goals whether they be to reach your exam goal, Eisteddfod or concert performances or just return to doing the thing you love the most – dancing.

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