Arthritis Program: For Knee and Hip

Knee arthritis and Hip arthritis affect many in our population. After the age of 40 structural evidence of arthritic change is quite normal. So if you are experiencing pain in your hip or knee you are not alone.

At Active Care Physiotherapy in Bondi Junction we keep up with current research which shows that arthroscopic surgery for the hip or knee is unlikely to help in treating arthritis.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that exercise is the key to optimising the function of your hip arthritis and knee arthritis. Totally resting your joint may only create weakness and you might end up with a more sensitive arthritic joint

Our Bondi Junction Physio Team know that being sensible regarding the amount of load and exercise you apply to your knee is also an important factor in improving you knee arthritis and hip arthritis pain. Too much to soon can set you up for failure also.

Our skilful team of physiotherapists located near Bondi, will be able to carefully tailor an arthritis exercise program suitable to your ability. We will advise and guide you on how to safely progress your exercise to gradually improve your hip and knee function.

The latest evidence suggests that combining hip and knee exercises leads to the best outcomes for arthritis. Our Bondi Junction Physio Clinic is specifically equipped to assist you in your rehabilitation program for both hip arthritis and knee arthritis.

Our Physio Team are specifically skilled in treating Hip and Knee arthritis. Combining extensive experience and knowledge with the latest research we use various techniques such as strapping tape to improve your alignment and pain. Research shows these methods, along with a carefully prescribed and guided arthritis exercise program provide the best outcomes for Hip Arthritis and Knee Arthritis

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